In the automotive sector we provide support in finding solutions and developing components for vehicles in order to increase environmental well-being and making the internal combustion process more efficient. In the first case we handle air filtration systems and interior cooling, in the second case you have engine cooling systems and fluid dynamics of inlet and exhaust systems.


Wärtsilä Italia – new heat exchange geometries for engine cooling


Besides HVAC/R specialization in the appliance sector, we carry out fluid dynamic and heat transfer studies applied to any type of solution, taking advantage of a well equipped laboratory, where you can find also an enthalpy tunnel and a climatic chamber. as an example, we complete: process flow rate measurements; thermal efficiency of components or the entire product; acoustic emission; experimental characterization of household sector heat pumps.


LU-VE – aeraulic and acoustic intensimetry tests for dry cooler
Oesse – design process optimization for custom heat exchangers


Within the appliance sector we complete all kinds of consulting and testing related to heating, ventilation, air conditioning and cooling. On fridges, washing machines, tumble dryers, washer-dryers, hoods, ovens, cooktops, air conditioners, humidifiers, small appliances, etc… we cover the definition of new product architecture, component optimization and design, reverse engineering, tests of competitors, definition of test methods and test benches, functional and quality tests in a controlled environment (climatic chamber), analysis of critical elements coming from consumer studies.

Environment and energy

The application of our fluid dynamics and heat transfer capabilities are pretty much infinite within the field of environment and energy. As a mere example, we would like to mention, renewable energy conversion system studies; acoustic analysis of environmental impact for a single product component such as an entire plant system; analysis to replace gases with a high impact on the environment with more environment-friendly ones; consumption evaluation and its optimization.


Cern – decreasing the environmental impact of a particle detector
Pelfa – renewable energy by way of screw turbine (guidelines and design software)

Measurement and control systems

We develop customized and automated measurement and control systems for any industrial sector in order to guarantee measurement services, data acquisition, database management, data control and centralization.


Test bench for pumps and hydraulic components
Automatic Test bench for large radial and axial fans

Other sectors

Our transversal capabilities allow us to offer consulting support and new ideas for the internal R&D department to many different sectors, during every phase of product, system and process evolution. An example of this is the product innovation for Maschio Gaspardo Group, a new cereal seed-drill based on a moving pneumatic system which is nothing other that an example of process industry, with the particularity of being placed on wheels.


Maschio Gaspardo Group – raising the efficiency of the pneumatic system of a seed-drill