Automatic test bench for radial and axial fans

The automatic test bench for radial and axial fans developed by Advantech TIME for Electrolux required the development of a dedicated software used to automate tests, data acquisition and post-processing, test database management with a dedicated interface based on the user type, as in laboratory and technical office.

Test bench characteristics

The test bench makes it possible to characterize radial and axial fans with a size of up to D=350 mm and flow rate up to 3,000 m3/h. The flow rate is measured by means of a custom plate with multiple nozzles. The rig is also equipped with power supply voltage stabilization and electrical load (single and three-phase) measurement systems. Bench operation is completely automatic thanks to the software designed to run the tests, acquire the data and generate post-processing.

“Developing a completely automatic test bench is always a challenge, even more interesting when you need to diversify the management software based on the user type.”