Ours is a non-conventional approach

Most of our team is made up of engineers. Many have completed research doctorates. What has value to us is scientific research placed within industrial reality. We know how to be concrete, quick, practical because companies work for profit and not theories. At the same time we use the long standing scientific approach, based on the ability to create particularly complex experimental methods, based on tests, numbers and on the capacity of interpreting those numbers and making decisions.

“You always start ignorant, pressed on due to customer urgency. This is part of the fun in this work, never the same and ever changing. In Advantech TIME, however, we can count on a precise methodology.”

You need passion for this kind of approach, even the desire to find answers that seem impossible, having the farsightedness to be rigorous about the scientific method and flexible with regards to unknowns that may occur, proactive in bypassing those situations that appear as roadblocks, taking advantage of those experiences gained in different sectors in order to devise virtuous contaminations, and naturally intuition is needed. These are the characteristics that make our approach non-conventional. All together they mold a forma mentis that we daily cultivate with passion.

“Our task is to provide solutions, even when these appear impossible. For this reason we cultivate a forma mentis that is made of rigor and flexibility, resting on transversal capabilities. And we act with passion.”