Test bench for pumps and hydraulic components used in appliances

The pump and hydraulic component test bench at Advantech TIME developed for Electrolux is a CE certified custom product, completely automatic, from parameter setting, to test running, from data processing, to data presentation.

Characteristics of the Advantech TIME test bench

The test bench can operate on pumps or components with a flow rate of up to 100 l/min. Thanks to the software we developed, it is completely automatic and frees up time for the operator who can move on to other tasks once the test operational limits have been defined (flow rate range to be explored, pump rotational speed, work fluid temperature). The system automatically runs the tests and returns a test report in the format that best suits the declared requirements.

“Automating the test bench, while still guaranteeing a high level of flexibility for multiple types of tests, was the most interesting part of this project”