Industrial fans test

The Advantech TIME laboratory makes it possible to measure fan performance according to the international standards of UNI EN ISO 5801 and UNI EN ISO 13350. It is possible to obtain measurements for a wide range of sizes, from axial impellers of just a few Watt, up to a jet fan test with a power of up to 35kW and rotor diameter of 1,200 mm.

Measurement and uses

Thanks to a nozzle chamber which corresponds to the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 5167 standard, it is possible to measure the performance of centrifugal and axial fans with air flow within the 1500 to 60000 m3/h range and a diameter of up to 800 mm. For fans with smaller air flow, it is possible to carry out the test through flow measurements using pressure differential devices, always according to the UNI EN ISO 5801 standard. On the other hand, for larger sizes, a test tunnel with end flanges is also available. For jet fans instead, there is a specific test system available that makes it possible to measure thrust of up to 2,000 N.

We test:

  • axial and centrifugal fans, both for industrial and household use
  • powers ranging from a few watt up to 35kW
  • with maximum impeller dimensions of up to 800 mm with nozzle chamber or up to 1350 mm with supply duct
  • for jet fans, with a maximum size of 1,200 mm

It is possible to carry out measurements with stabilized electrical voltage for a power of up to 8 kW and detection of the absorbed torque up to 20 Nm.
Furthermore, it is almost always possible (depending on the type of fan/installation) to couple performance level detection with acoustic emissions measurement through a sound intensity technique, as was done for:
LU-VE – aeraulic and acoustic tests with acoustic intensity for dry cooler