At-Time Services


What we do ...

We provide research support and engineering services to enhance R & D processes of our customers in order to improve efficiency, quality and performance of their products. We provide know-how, design of new analytical and test methodologies, experimental testing facilities and components design

Creating new knowledge on the product implies that new analytical methods are available for integration in the R & D process. Advantech TIME allows the efficient and synergic advantage of virtual modeling tools, numerical analysis and the ability to have an advanced experimental lab capable of developing test services that are completely dedicated to your specific product needs. Advantech TIME laboratories can carry out several measurement activities according to the reference technical standard, and above all, starting from a functional problem of a product or process it is possible to devise and develop all that is necessary to implement a complete experimental characterization.

The essence and core values of our company are Knowledge & Performance.

Design Area

Advantech TIME provides design services thanks to the expertise and experience gained in over ten years of scientific applied research in the field of thermo-dynamics and the implementation of complex experimental applications.

Design of fans, air blowers, pumps or specific aeraulic circuits. Virtual modeling, experimental testing, and CFD simulations can be applied to the analysis of current applications to develop new improved solutions.

Analysis and virtual modeling of thermodynamic applications such as heat exchangers, humid air treatment devices, pneumatic circuits, air filtering systems, etc.

Testing and test methodologies to acquire new expertise on specific components or processes, through experimentation and with the right compromise between complexity and feasibility.

Each experimental methodology, no matter whether conventional or not, needs its specific facility, we offer the full design and realization service, from hardware selection to the training of your personnel.

Control and acquisition software is the engine of every experimental facility, ranging from simple data recording to fully automatic operation and resulting post-processing. We develop your customized solution.

Tests Area

Advantech TIME laboratories are equipped with ‘state of the art’ instruments that enable us to measure all parameters
that characterize aero & thermodynamic processes and more.

Pressure of liquid or gaseous flows, even unstable up to 10 kHz. Pressure losses with total pressure probes.
Temperature and humidity of fluids, surface temperature determination with Infrared Camera or Thermochromic Liquid Crystals.
Measurement of gas or liquid flow rate (UNI 5167), nozzle chamber for air flow, up to 60000 Nm3/h. Local flow velocity measurement by means of probes, 3D planar velocity distribution by means of PIV.
Acoustic source identification and sound power determination by means of sound intensity technique according to ISO 9614-1/2 ANSI S12.12 (and more depending upon the specific device under test).
When required, the experiment can be performed under controlled, monitored and acquired electric power supply.

Unconventional Activities

Advantech TIME activities include:

Advantech TIME offers services of unconventional experimental tests to meet specific needs of customers for product engineering and development.

Aero-thermal characterization

Characterization of flow and thermal fields within components or air/gas/liquid complex circuits, revealing the process/component behavior/performance.

Testing of household appliances

Development of experimental activities for a full characterization of working conditions, performance, and efficiency of household appliances.

Air humidity control application

Testing of adiabatic and steam humidification systems and development of numerical models for design purposes.

Heat pumps and refrigerators

Relief of operating conditions and performances, such as thermal loads, pressure losses, energy consumption.

Tests in Climatic Chamber

This chamber allows us to test different kinds of HAVCR systems and household appliances according to the international reference standards.

Surface Deformation & more

Measurement of contour, deformation, vibration and strain on mechanical components of any material, for both static and dynamic load application, by means of DIC.

Heat exchangers

Enthalpy tunnel to measure thermal performances and pressure losses of gas/gas, gas/liquid heat exchangers.

Fans and blowers

Testing of performance and efficiency of industrial fans with rotor diameter up to 1350 mm.


Due to the flexibility of acoustic intensimetry, on site tests are also possible on large devices such as dry coolers or equipped trucks.