At-Time Team

Meet the Talents


Alessandro Armellini

Technical Manager

Mechanical Engineer with a PhD in Turbomachinery, previously Assistant Professor of Flow Machinery at the University of Udine, co-founder of At Time, as our Technical Manager he takes care that all activities run fine, smooth and successfully.


Luca Casarsa

Managing Director

Professor of Flow Machinery and Energy System at the University of Udine, co-founder of At Time, where as Managing Director ensures that the machine keeps on running.


Valeria Monestier


Responsible of the Administrative Services, overlooks to our billings to avoid waste of money and time.


Luca Furlani

Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineer with a PhD in Environmental and Energy engineering sciences is our acoustic expert and, if you have a complicated acquisition or control system that has to be developed, he is the right person to ask to.


Francesco Fabbro

Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineer, keeps the order in complex systems by supervising our team in the design, manufacturing and commissioning of new experimental equipment.


Daniele Foschiani

Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineer, is our responsible for home appliances testing services and the guru of mini hydro turbine design.


Mattia Piccoli

Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineer, he is the only one in the team patient enough to take care of complicated post processing or long term experimental campaigns.


Fabio Pagnacco

Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineer, his daily fight against the dark side of the force is mostly dedicated to the design and testing of fans and blowers.


Andrea Lorenzon

Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineer, a life respectful of second law of thermodynamics, he is our virtual modeling expert.