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High quality education in the field of thermo-fluid dynamics

Long field experience drives our engineers to gain deep expertise in every field of thermo-fluid dynamics

We build real value!

Smart Thermo-Dynamics

The product's life cycle does not only include being safe and efficient, but above all, being Smart. Smart deals with thermodynamics, costs, today’s and tomorrow’s technological challenges. For these reasons, we work with and not for our clients, building a strong relationship, to guarantee the smartest solutions.

We expect excellence!

Enhance Technology

We constantly work with our clients to improve their processes and products responding to the newest technological requirements and market challenges. 

Unconventional Activities

Design for R&D

Many of us have a past in the international scientific research field, which guarantees strong and unique expertise in fluid science and thermal exchange, software development dedicated to experimental applications, virtual modeling, design and production of prototypes, or any further necessities to meet new challenges arising to meet our customer’s specific needs.

Customized Solution Approach

Test for R&D

To respond to customer challenges we have optimized several design solutions relying on both virtual and real testing. We can rely on ‘state of the art’ laboratory equipment, latest developed data acquisition and processing softwares, coupled with numerical tools for CFD and FEM analysis.

Our Vision

Long field experience allowed our engineers to gain deep expertise in every field of fluid science from design to manufacture of many of the possible applications.
Advantech TIME engineers have the skills to develop, design and perform calculation of completely new products.

The essence and core values our Company pursue are Knowledge & Performances regardless of the environment we approach.

Our Mission

Advantech TIME, a Customer-focused Company

To provide worldwide solutions in areas that are fundamental to industries both today and for the future.

To go beyond Customers’ needs, anticipating them by offering cutting-edge services and solutions in their markets, and optimize performances, manufacturability, competitiveness of their systems and products.


Take a minute to get to know the best engineers, researchers and experts about fluids.

Company Keywords


We are leader in fluid and thermal science, bringing advanced products and processes to life thanks to our team's technical knowledge and skills.


We are renowned for solving complex problems assisting the industry world in product innovation based on analysis, modeling and testing, in the field of fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, household appliances and HVACR.


We apply fluid & thermal science in innovative and smart ways to find better and more efficient solutions to the challenges of today and tomorrow.